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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Contest Winner announced

I am proud to announce the winner of the 8-12month year old baby girl contest. I purchased a tutu & matching headband to photograph one lucky little girl and this precious baby girl got the most posts, comments & likes on my facebook page I am super excited to take the photos of this little bundle of joy in the cute outfit.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinterest, twitter, facebook networking...OOoomy

Have I mention before I am new at this whole blogging thing. I never thought my ramblings would be good for my business, but I logged into My Pinterest account & WOW. I have a board of some of my work and noticed there are a TON of my photo's that have been "liked" or "repined" and they were all pinned from this blog :/ SO I wonder how many people have stopped by my blog and though "blah" boring. I mean yes I feel my photography work speaks for itself but people like to read & learn about the photographer. HA that is ludicrous to me, I have it in my mind no one cares about lil'ole me. I just take the pictures and they speak for themselves lol but I get it, you're about to invest some money in my work and probably spend an hour or two of your life with me so you wanna know if I am crazy wild or mellow yellow laid back. Well if you asked any of my friends they would tell you I know no strangers but actually I can be a little shy, seriously (my friends are laughing right now I can hear them). There is a time and a place to be professional and when no to be. I like to meet my clients and kinda feel them out and their personalities before I feel comfortable letting loose. I have had some clients not willing to do a whole lot out of their comfort zone so hanging their child upside down by their ankle would be too much to ask. I feel like it is my responsibility to push them out of their comfort zone to give them the best session possible but I also don't like it when someone tries to force me to do something I don't want to do and then also it is not natural it's not who they are so I am capturing a "fake" them. Are you getting what I am driving at here?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine’s Day!
So we are having our FIRST contest. We are requesting a photo of an 8-12 month old baby girl once we get all the entries in we will post a contest album of all the entries so our facebook fans can vote on the cutest picture. I bought this SUPER cute tutu & matching headband from Designs by Mollie & would like to have a baby girl to take photos of, wearing the outfit. I know the age restriction is making it very limited but we are trying very hard to get contestants so far we have four no so bad but I would love to have more. So far the winner will receive a free mini photo shoot. I will keep you posted on how well it is going.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moving forward

As I spoke of making my own textures & templets I do have some and I am itching to start selling and/or offering free downloads but I am waiting on my new blog design before I start so it is easier to find on my blog. I don't like how the basic blogs are set up on here there are NO menu bars so hopefully by next week or so "fingers crosses"

Ugh also what is with facebook's lack of resolution on their uploads. I have a timeline cover photo on my personal page and the pic's look like poop!!! Am I doing something wrong or is it just Facebook?

Friday, February 10, 2012

As you can see from my past posts I haven't been much of a blogger. I didn't know what to blog about. Photographers that I follow have before & after days, some have freebie days, tutorial days of the week but I didn't want to steal one of their ideas and haven’t thought of something for myself to do that is different. Then one day I read other photographers blog talk about what to blog about and they mentioned to blog about your daily life along with your photography so your clients get an idea about the person behind the camera, SO here goes......
I don't know about you but I have been sicker than a dog. Who came up with that saying anyways "sicker than a dog"? What about a dog is sick? Anyways I am trailing off the subject. I haven’t been this sick since I can remember so the last few days have been horrible. Since I was off work sick and confined to my home I figured why not get some work done that I have wanted to do. I have wanted to start making my own textures, digital papers for templates for fellow photographers but I was so easily exhausted so I didn't get much done :( I thought why not start blogging but was brain dead to put a sentence together. I am horrible with English as it is with run on sentences poor grammar etc. who would have thought I'd need it later in my life HA not me! Well until the next time I hope to see you here.

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