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Friday, February 10, 2012

As you can see from my past posts I haven't been much of a blogger. I didn't know what to blog about. Photographers that I follow have before & after days, some have freebie days, tutorial days of the week but I didn't want to steal one of their ideas and haven’t thought of something for myself to do that is different. Then one day I read other photographers blog talk about what to blog about and they mentioned to blog about your daily life along with your photography so your clients get an idea about the person behind the camera, SO here goes......
I don't know about you but I have been sicker than a dog. Who came up with that saying anyways "sicker than a dog"? What about a dog is sick? Anyways I am trailing off the subject. I haven’t been this sick since I can remember so the last few days have been horrible. Since I was off work sick and confined to my home I figured why not get some work done that I have wanted to do. I have wanted to start making my own textures, digital papers for templates for fellow photographers but I was so easily exhausted so I didn't get much done :( I thought why not start blogging but was brain dead to put a sentence together. I am horrible with English as it is with run on sentences poor grammar etc. who would have thought I'd need it later in my life HA not me! Well until the next time I hope to see you here.

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