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Sunday, October 7, 2012

R and J Studio's Behind The Scenes

As many of you saw in my last post about my trip to Houston, TX I visit my friend Rebecca with R and J Studio's . I probably also mentioned how much I learned from her. Just the littlest things such as ALWAYS ALWAYS take a portrait and landscape angle of each pose you never know what the client will love and want to frame and be limited to which prints they pick based on the angle unless you know ahead of time. See below a photo of Rebecca taking a shot, one portrait and one landscape.

The final product, GORGEOUS!

My adventure behind the scenes also included shadowing Rebcca and Justin (her hubby) to a wedding. I say watching these two in action together is awesome they are quite the pair. They compliment each other and work great together. One day I hope to find a partner and he will be one that will have similar interests as mine. One that I can work with as harmoniously as Rebecca and Justin do. Here are some of my behind the scense of them at work and their finial product as well.

R and J Studio's once again gorgeous images.

Now you can see why I chose my friend Rebecca to shadow and be my mentor!


  1. How fun and exciting to get some "behind the scenes" action with a mentor!

  2. That is awesome that you had this opportunity! It is so interesting and a great learning experience to follow someone else shoot. Note: LOVE THE BRIDES SHOES!

  3. I love the glimpses of what you were seeing and then how your friend captured the shot. The tip about a horizontal and a vertical? Priceless. I will tuck that gem away for myself!



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